Admissions Process

RoundApplication DeadlineDecision ReleasedCommitment Fee Due
1May 28, 2021June 15, 2021July 12, 2021
2July 9, 2021July 21, 2021September 6, 2021
3October 1, 2021October 20, 2021November 15, 2021
4November 19, 2021December 10, 2021January 10, 2021
5January 21, 2022February 2, 2022February 28, 2022
6February 21, 2022March 3, 2022March 21, 2022

The Global Executive MBA admissions process is designed to determine whether the program is the right fit for you and your professional goals. We urge you to contact us before applying to meet with an admissions mentor, who will review your résumé and provide in-depth information on the learning experience.

There are five deadlines to choose from. The program has a limited class size so we encourage early application.


Documents required:

  • A completed online application form.
  • Two letters of reference. Referees are encouraged to use the online reference form available via the Embark application. Your current immediate supervisor should provide one of the letters of reference. The other may be from a past or present employer, client, etc.
  • University transcripts. You must submit your original transcript from each institution that has awarded you an academic qualification. Each transcript should clearly indicate your course of studies, academic performance and qualification earned. Transcripts written in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation.
  • Letter of company support stating that your employer is aware of the commitment you would be making in terms of the time and travel the program entails.
  • A clear copy of your current passport.
  • One digital photograph.
  • Executive Assessment*: Test score should be sent directly to IESE from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) once you have selected IESE’S Global Executive MBA to receive your official Score report.
  • English language test: Compulsory for applicants who are not native English speakers. The requirement may be waived for candidates who have a minimum of two years of professional experience in an English-speaking country.
  • A US$130 non-refundable application fee payable upon submission of online application.
* The Admissions Committee may grant EA waivers to extraordinary candidates who demonstrate their general management aptitude and skills through their work experience and academic history.


Admission Process

To assess your suitability for the program, your mentor may call a pre-admissions committee meeting to study your application. The pre-admissions committee follows the same decision criteria as the admissions committee (see below). If their decision is positive, your mentor will encourage you to proceed.


Admission Process

Once you have submitted your application, along with all the documentation requested (see above), your mentor will arrange for you to meet with another member of the admissions committee.


Admission Process

Admissions committee meetings are held according to the number of applications to be reviewed. Each committee member will thoroughly study your application and analyze your interview results before meeting with you. The criteria for admission to the program are as follows:

  • Academic merit
  • Team leadership and business management experience
  • Professional and personal achievements
  • Impact on your company and society
  • Interpersonal and public communication skills in English
  • Analytical skills (numerical and logical)
  • Goals and reasons for applying 
  • Availability to follow the program and financial ability to cover enrollment fees and living expenses

After studying your application, the committee will communicate their decision in writing within a week of your admissions interview.


Admission Process

Welcome to IESE!

You’ll receive a phone call and email confirming the committee’s decision.

  • Testimonial

    "Having a mentor, who worked with me from the very beginning of my application to the program, was a key benefit. My mentor was an invaluable source of support and encouraged me to fulfill my professional potential."