Financial Aid

Three types of financial aid options are available to Global Executive MBA participants: loans, scholarships and company sponsorship.


We have accords with two major entities that provide loans to IESE students. Visit the Financial Aid Office page for more information 

Banco Sabadell Global Loan

IESE and one of Europe’s leading banks – Banco Sabadell – have an agreement that enables IESE MBA students to finance their program fees with loans that may not require a personal guarantee. Non-Spanish nationals are also eligible.

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Sallie Mae - Smart Option Student Loan
The Sallie Mae – Smart Option Student Loan is available to U.S. citizens. Qualified participants may be eligible to borrow the full cost of their education, less other aid received, as certified by the school.

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The Global Executive MBA broadens your view of the global business landscape. In an immersive learning journey, you will acquire the ability to align teams, break silos, drive performance and deliver breakthrough impact in a global context.

The benefits to you and your company include:

  1. Enhanced motivation, performance and loyalty to your organization.
  2. Highly practical insights, ideas, techniques and tools.
  3. An in-company project that addresses your organization’s real needs – a tailored exercise that leverages the expertise of IESE faculty and peers.
  4. Recognition of top talent and investment in the high potentials that your company wants to develop and retain.
  5. An on-going relationship with one of the world’s foremost international business schools.

Measurable Impact
The Global Executive MBA delivers tangible value and actionable insights that can be immediately applied to your organization.

1. Your in-company project addresses a real-life challenge faced by your organization.

2. Expert speakers open your eyes to new approaches, best practices and innovative solutions.

3. Company visits widen your global vision and deepen your understanding of business is conducted around the world. Events in Silicon Valley give you a firsthand glimpse of the power of innovation in action.

4. GEMBA electives allow you to customize your learning journey to your explicit needs and those of your company.

5. Individualized support with a personal coach, a track mentor and a team mentor, together with a 360-degree evaluation of strengths, blind spots and opportunities, prepare you for the next level.

Company Support
Your company can support your GEMBA experience by providing you with time and financial aid.

It’s time to invest in yourself and develop the competencies and vision of a truly effective global leader. Time to reflect and reassess your role and impact in driving your personal success and your company’s growth.

Financial support to pursue your Global Executive MBA is not only an investment in your professional development. It is a commitment to the development of next-generation leaders who will drive your company’s long-term success.