Core Modules

The core program of the Global Executive MBA is structured around six two-week modules delivered in five venues over 12 months. You may also opt to take minimum one elective course to complete your journey. The program concludes in october on IESE’s Barcelona campus, where participants showcase their projects and faculty members bring the learning together before graduation.


Each core module encompasses a series of core courses on the essentials of global business, including leadership tenets, financial accounting, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. In Module 4, you will work on a business plan off-campus.

  • Module 1 – Laying the Foundations
  • Module 2 – Improving Business
  • Module 3 – Expanding Business
  • Module 4 – Managing Value Creation
  • Module 5 – Leading Across Borders
  • Module 6 – Driving Innovation
  • Module 7 – Bringing It All Together

Each module comprises three distinct phases:

  1. Pre-residential
    Prepare for what’s ahead. Revitalize your knowledge and understanding of core business concepts.
  2. Residential
    Explore concepts in the dynamic context of teamwork, case-based debate, lectures and workshops on campus. Take it further with company visits, events and guest lectures.
  3. Post-residential
    Apply new concepts, share feedback and analysis, and collaborate on projects.