Module 1

Module 1 – Laying the Foundations

Start your journey. Master the essentials. Survey the global business panorama. Reflect on what it means to lead.

Analysis of Business Problems

Facilitates in-depth analysis of complex business problems and decision making grounded on six clearly defined steps: assessing the problem, defining decision-making criteria, identifying options, analyzing options and, finally, making a decision while weighing potential risks.


Decision Analysis

Develops quantitative methods for decision analysis with diverse frameworks, including financial mathematics in project assessment, decision charts, probability theory and distribution, scenario analysis with probability quantification, Montecarlo simulation and stress tests.


Financial Accounting

Provides the tools to read and interpret core financial statements, and examines the subjective nature of key financials – which are often based on estimates – to help participants develop a critical eye and better evaluate their quality.



Harnesses participants’ collective experiences as global managers to challenge existing frameworks and create new models of how to lead people and organizations.


Managerial Communications

Introduces the theory of persuasion in various contexts, including presentations, talks and interpersonal relations.