Module 2

Module 2 – Expanding Business

Optimize your decision-making capacities. Boost your ability to lead in a diverse, multicultural context. Learn how to spot opportunity and view the world like an entrepreneur.

Competition & Strategy

Introduces value creation, value capture and sustainability. Examines concepts and models to analyze competitive environments. Evaluates competitive strategies based on cost and differentiation advantages and approaches for breaking into new markets.


The Digital Context

Explores how to anticipate the impact of digital technologies on business models, organizations and industries and how to drive digital transformation.


Managerial Accounting

Focuses on management of working capital and the underlying operational necessities it generates. In-depth analysis of financial statements through ratios to evaluate overall corporate financial health. Complements financial statements with tools such as cash budgets and provisional financial statements. Presents solutions for financing working capital.


Marketing Management

Analyzes the cornerstones of marketing and sales, including product planning, market selection, distribution, price fixing and promotion. Examines the functional responsibilities of sales managers and interplay with the rest of the management team. Hones the skills, judgment and values necessary for solid decision making.


Managing Oneself

Explores the concepts of freedom and individual responsibility as they relate to personal leadership. Explores the foundations of personal excellence and the dilemmas, challenges and solutions that leadership presents in a changing and multicultural society.