Module 3

Module 3 – Improving Business

Delve deeper into the macro-issues, from the global economy to leading in the digital age.

Entrepreneuship II

The second part of two modules, it explores how entrepreneurs generate new market opportunities in both newly established, high-growth companies, as well as consolidated firms. Reflects on the core challenges in the entrepreneurial process.

Global Economics

Reviews the foundations of micro- and macroeconomics and specific market behaviors, including the inefficiency of monopolies and the problems caused by collusion. Examines the fallout stemming from issues such as public deficit, sustainability and public debt, unemployment, inflation and economic crises. Studies the impact of fiscal and monetary policies.

Management by Projects II

Reviews the project management process and challenges specific to large projects. Addresses how businesses can use projects to better structure both ongoing and one-off initiatives.

IT Management in the Digital Age

Explores IT as a driver of corporate strategy from a general management viewpoint. Discusses the impact of digital technologies on business models, industries, and organizations.

Managerial Communications

Introduces the theory of persuasion in various contexts, including presentations, talks and interpersonal relations.

Corporate Finance

Analyzes the structure of company capital, long-term financing possibilities and dividend policies. Reviews the concepts of risk, profitability, diversification, market efficiency and liquidity. Examines the capital asset pricing model to estimate cost of capital and weighted average cost of capital. Assesses the value of projects, assets and businesses using the discounted cash flow method, multiples and real options models.