Module 3

Module 3 – Improving Business

Delve deeper into the macro-issues, from the global economy to leading in the digital age.

Business Ethics

Explores the impact of corporate values, culture and ethical system on long-term success. Introduces tools and procedures to prevent and resolve critical issues such as corporate fraud and crime. Examines the pillars of corporate social responsibility and its strategic implementation.


Competing in Business Models

Employs a variety of proven methods and frameworks to allow students to assess their potential as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. It also how entrepreneurs generate new market opportunities in both newly established, high-growth companies, as well as consolidated firms. Reflects on the core challenges in the entrepreneurial process.


Industry 4.0
Managing Operations

Explores strategies to create value and gain competitive advantage by optimizing your business operations. Imparts a global vision for service and industrial operations. Examines the basic variables, concepts and tools that underpin operations, including process analysis, input/output curves, and line and inventory management.


Operational Finance

Explains economic analysis of operational decisions through differential costs, sensitivity analysis, calculation of indifference curves and break-even points. Examines decisions regarding production, product recalls, department closures, special discounts, acceptance of special orders, manufacturing, subcontracting and decision-making ability. Analyzes cost variance, transfer pricing design and implementation and management incentive systems.