Module 6

Module 6 – Driving Innovation

Entrepreneurship VC and Deals (2,5 ECTS)

This course offers a frontline view of how new companies are created in Silicon Valley and the role that venture capitalists play in this process. Real-life examples will shed light on how entrepreneurs and venture capitalist work together in order to create and grow companies.

Getting Things Done (2,5 ECTS)

Examines key sources of managerial power, strategies to develop them, and tools to leverage power to drive corporate strategies. Offers an up-close view of power dynamics in Silicon Valley and how they differ from other global contexts.

Innovation Management (2,5 ECTS)

Analyzes creative problem-solving and the implementation of innovative initiatives. Explore the role of leaders to both innovate and foster a climate of innovation.

Managing Digital Transformation (2,5 ECTS)

Building upon the IT module in Module 4, examines the digital economy in Silicon Valley. Analyzes real-life case studies of industries that have been transformed by technological advances and offers insights on evaluating the competitive landscape, challenging incumbents and identifying opportunities for newcomers.

Go Meet the Valley (2 ECTS)