Electives complement the core, general management curriculum and offer you a chance to explore specific areas in greater depth in diverse global venues. You will choose minimum one elective module, lasting one week. Electives are delivered in strategic business hubs in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Doing Business in Asia
This experiential elective week will increase participants’ awareness of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic regions in the world and provide them with firsthand knowledge of various industries and countries. In 2020, the Doing Business in Asia elective will take place in two locations -Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chih Minh City – under the leadership of CEIBS Professor of Economics Bala Ramasamy.

Shaping Consumer Behavior in a Global World

The lives of global consumers are being impacted by two parallel forces – globalization and digitalization – a shift which is creating a “global converging middle class.” This elective week on IESE’s New York campus will focus on this new consumer world from three different angles: service sector, sales forces and the omni-channel retail. Field visits, interactive workshops and academic sessions with IESE faculty members and guest speakers will provide an in-depth understanding of current and future consumer behavior.

Driving Business Success in Latin America
This elective immerses participants in the reality of doing business in Latin America, where a solid understanding of the diverse cultural landscape is vital for success. Through a combination of case studies, company visits, guest speakers and networking opportunities, this experiential week will offer a historical overview of Brazil and Latin America, and a frontline perspective of businesses successfully operating in the region. ISE Business School will provide the venue for the elective, which will include sessions guided by IESE and ISE faculty members.

Opportunities and Challenges for Doing Business in India
This experiential elective week will immerse participants into the culture and economy of India, and the challenges and opportunities it offers. Prof. S. Ramakrishna (Rama) Velamuri, Professor of Entrepreneurship at CEIBS, will lead the program, which will feature venues in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Doing Business in Africa

This elective week gives participants a better understanding of the realities of doing business Africa through case studies and dynamic sessions with successful business leaders. Developed by CEIBS, the elective week will take place on their campus in Accra under the guidance of Profs. Mathew Tsamenyi, Executive Director of CEIBS Africa, and Nathalie Beatrice Chinje of the Department of Marketing.

Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation