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Global transformation

Running throughout the Global Executive MBA program are four interconnected and immersive journeys, or threads, that concurrently develop your leadership competencies, entrepreneurial mindset and global outlook. These journeys are transversal and fully embedded within each module to form a continuous process of professional and personal development.


Global Journey

Your global journey invites you to assess your self-awareness and empathy, as well as your preparedness to excel in a globally diverse environment. You will explore your cross-cultural sensitivity through a series of experiential activities and exercises.

As you build global exposure across four continents, you will cultivate three core objectives: awareness of context, empathy for traditions and openness to difference. 


Leadership Journey

Your leadership journey is a challenge to acquire knowledge, mindset, habits and behaviors to inspire, motivate and align others around a common objective, and lead them with a clear sense of purpose.

Through a 360-degree assessment, team activities, workshops and individual work, you will focus on two transversal elements: executive one-to-one coaching with a professional coach and team management, which you explore through group work. 


Entrepreneurship Journey

Your entrepreneurship journey is designed to equip you with an innovation mindset to navigate uncertainty and change, identify opportunities, and build infrastructures to create and deliver real value, regardless of context.

Over the course of your Global Executive MBA, you will learn how to turn an idea into a concept and transform the concept into a viable business model. 


Digital Journey | IESE Business School

Your digital journey will help you discover Digital Transformation from a managerial perspective to acquire the skills and mindset you need to successfully lead teams through the wave of digital transformation.

Through individual surveys and academic sessions, local experiences and regular reflections, you will increase your understanding and awareness of the impact digital transformation has on business and people and what capacities are required to be an excellent digital leader.