Digital Journey

The digital journey helps you understand Digital Transformation from a managerial perspective providing you with answers to 3 key questions:

  • WHY the world is riding the wave of digital transformation
  • WHAT that means for business models
  • HOW companies and individuals can ride along that wave.

It will prove useful regardless if you have the aspiration to embark in a new venture in the digital space or you want to further develop your career in an organization that ought to embrace the inevitable digital transformation

1. The ‘Why’ of Digital Transformation: Seeing Beyond the Trends

  • You will understand the nature of key digital drivers – social, cloud, mobile, big data, IoT and AI and explore how these drivers affect the everyday lives of individuals, as well as how they reshape society and business.
  • You will reflect on the concept of digital density and explore how this framework can be applied to help us reimagine companies and industries for the digital world.

2. The ‘What’ of Digital Transformation: Rethinking Business Models

  • You will examine how increasing digital density is transforming competitive landscapes and business models in established industries as well as opening up new spaces of business activity.

3. The ‘How’ of Digital Transformation: Making the Vision a Reality

  • You will identify key challenges organizations typically face in launching and implementing digital transformation initiatives.
  • You will reflect upon capabilities and competencies business leaders need to develop to drive digital transformation in their companies.

Key Takeaways

By the end of your Digital Journey you will be able to:

  • Identify and become familiar with digital trends that are transforming consumer behaviors and business.
  • Develop a strategy to better understand upcoming digital clients’ needs and become more prepared for them.
  • Achieve the integration and coherence of a digital strategy within an organization’s global strategy.
  • Understand how value is created and captured in different digital business models.
  • Adopt a digital mindset.
  • Methodology

    The journey includes courses, sessions, company visits, guest speakers, workshops and simulations throughout the program.


    At the start of the program, each student will complete a survey on his or her view regarding IT. A modified version of the same survey will be retaken the last week of the program, and the differences, as well as the learnings acquired during the journey, discussed in the last class of the journey.


    Certain academic courses and workshops over the course of the program will support the underlying concept and will provide classic frameworks and state-of-the art research on various subjects.

    Core Subjects: The Digital Context,, Managing Digital Transformation and Go Meet the Valley.

    Elective subject: Building the Data-Driven Organization will also be part of the journey for those students who chose to take it.


    A relevant part of the journey will be acquired with experiential learning gained from being on the ground in the various locations of the program where we will have:

    • Guest lecturers with a focus on the digital landscape, disruptive technologies, new business models.
    • Company visits to both start-ups and stablished corporations in different parts of the world. Interaction with vibrant digital ecosystems such as those of Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, Munich and Sao Paulo.


    Students will be asked to regularly reflect on:

    1. Their understanding of the impact that digital has on business, market and society.
    2. Capabilities required to respond to tomorrow´s digital opportunities and threats.