Module 4

Module 4 – Managing Value Creations

Learn the essentials of effective talent management. Maximize your marketing operations. Enhance your skills at the negotiating table.

Global Economics

Reviews the foundations of micro- and macroeconomics and specific market behaviors, including the inefficiency of monopolies and the problems caused by collusion. Examines the fallout stemming from issues such as public deficit, sustainability and public debt, unemployment, inflation and economic crises. Studies the impact of fiscal and monetary policies.


Human Resources Management

Analyzes decision making in the context of labor relations and human resources management. Focuses on labor relations management, the relationship between talent management and corporate strategy, and human resources policy and practice, with an emphasis on recruitment and selection, evaluation, professional development and compensation.


Management Control

Examines the broad spectrum of management control problems and the difference between the structure and process of management control. Presents appropriate tools and techniques for successful implementation.


Marketing Planning and Implementation

Analyzes sales management situations, accounting for time distribution, and the requisite human and monetary go-to-market resources. Reviews the core elements of communication policy: mission, market, message, media, budgeting and gauging success. Delves into the sales process and the policies and oversight necessary to manage a sales team.



Offers insights and proven strategies to enhance negotiating skills in a variety of complex scenarios.