In-Company Project (TFM)

In-Company Project (TFM) 

During the last four months of the program, you will complete an in-company project where you will directly apply new approaches and concepts to an explicit business challenge. Working in teams with a sponsoring company, you will identify a real-life challenge and build an actionable plan to address it. Expert input from the company, senior executives and faculty will guide the experience.


Project examples

  • Development of a Social Collaboration Strategy
  • Identifying and Creating New Markets
  • Increasing Production Efficiency of a Plant
  • Analysis of a Management Cost System
  • Development of a Product Launch Strategy

and definition

During Phase 1, initial projects are proposed. Upon approval, assigned students and faculty develop the plans further.

Planning and completion

In Phase 2, a detailed project plan is submitted, followed by monitoring reports and a final report.

In company project

Evaluation and showcase

The best projects are selected and highlighted in a showcase event.